Start and finish

The start and finish of the Fjoertoer Egmond are located in Egmond aan Zee.


Participants start in a total of 18 different groups between 16.00 and 19.15 hours. The start of all four distances is on the parking deck of Hotel Zuiderduin. Here you can also collect your starting permits, the cap with LED lightning and you’ll find catering and the Helpdesk here. In Hotel Zuiderduin it’s possible to have a small meal before the start in the restaurant. From 12.00 hours you can pick up your cap in the Zuiderduinzaal. It’s not possible to do this earlier, because the hall isn’t open yet.

Starting groups
The 8th edition of the Fjoertoer Egmond has a participant limit of 10.500 hikers. The participants are divided into 18 starting groups of up to 670 participants. Because the sun sets around 16.36 hours, the first groups starts in daylight. From 17.00 hours the start is in complete darkness. You can consciously choose what you prefer! It’s important to know that you can always start later than the group for which you have a starting permit, but never earlier. Click here to see the different starting groups.


The finish of all distances will take place between 20.00 and 23.00 hours at the main beach entrance of Egmond aan Zee. Coming from the beach of Bergen and over the North Boulevard, the participants reach the dazzlingly lit finish area. After the finish everyone will receive a special memory.