When participating you have the choice between a distance of:

12 km 
16 km
18 km
Participants on the 19 km North route walk directly to Egmond aan den Hoef to the Slotruine. From Egmond aan Zee, the course in the dune area is headed eastwards via the Bloedweg. The 26 and 19 km South participants then go via the van Oldenborghweg and Herenweg to Egmond-Binnen. After that they go via the Hogendijk to Egmond aan den Hoef. The shortest distance of 14 km goes in the direction of Egmond-Binnen via the Bloedweg. Afterwards the Rinnegommerlaan is followed to Egmond aan den Hoef. Then via the Zandweg and back via the Herenweg to Nachtegalenpad and the north side of Egmond aan Zee, where the last part goes along the beach.

From the Slotruïne in Egmond aan den Hoef and the Herenweg a very beautiful and wooded route follows to Bergen aan Zee. This route will surprise participants with lots of amazing light and sound effects. Via the Zeeweg and a spectacular passage in Bergen aan Zee, the participants walk along the beach back to Egmond aan Zee. This includes a beautiful light act from the KNRM and much more. The Fjoertoer is a walking event at night along beacons of light. Together with tea lights, illuminated signposts and works of art, these show the participants the way through the darkness.

Walking safe
During our events, we as an organization want to create the safest possible road situation for participants and other road users. That’s why it’s important to all to show the same walking behavior. We ask you to walk on the right as much as possible during our events. This allows us to avoid ambiguity on routes that aren’t completely closed to walkers.

Not suitable for disabled people and strollers
Please note: The Fjoertoer Egmond isn’t suitable for disabled people and strollers due to the difficult course and a few stairs on the course. Walking a dog is only possible if it’s on a leash and is well lit by lights on the collar, for example. In addition, everyone is asked to be respectful with nature (throw waste in the bins!) and with your fellow participants.